Pirates Ahoy!

The good Pirate Ship “My Alice” is often seen sailing in and out of Brightlingsea where she has her regular berth.  For the Regatta on the 10th July 2021, she will be moored on the posts on the Hard while the family enjoy a quiet picnic and watch all the fun and games.

But alas, danger lurks in the air.  Rival Pirates from the Brightlingsea Coastal Rowing Club have been spotted in the creek and local intelligence officers have found secret papers dropped behind the Harbour Office, which reveal that the Rival Pirates intend to sneak up on the crew and capture “My Alice” by boarding from a long boat.

Armed with this new information, “Wendy” and “Tinkerbell” have devised a cunning plan to sabotage this dastardly plot and send the rowers skulking away.

Will the Colne Yacht Cadets, hear their cries for help? Will they have completed their sail training for the day and be ready to mount a rescue attempt, armed with water pistols, to ensure everyone keeps a safe distance in these worrying Covid times?  Messages have been sent to the local Crocodile to ask for back up, in case the Pirates have to walk the plank.

Who will win the day? Will the dastardly pirates prevail or will our heroes on the good ship “My Alice” send them the blaggards to Davey Jones’s locker?  Why not come along to the Hard around 1 pm on Saturday 10th July and find out?